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  1. Yeah, I'm still around Firon. ;) I don't have time for forums and such anymore (I'm always busy as hell) but I still try to keep myself up to date with the software releases.

    Anyways, great job with uTorrent, guys. This is one of the few bullet-proof programs out there, it just never fails me. Amazing!

  2. G is 54 Mb/s max, <= v.4 had Linux firmware, v.5 is VxWorks, GS can achieve higher throughput (can't recall exactly how much), but only with the same equipment (meaning if you have another D-Link/Belkin etc. router crap, it won't achieve speeds > 54 Mb/s), GL is 54 Mb/s max and is guaranteed built upon a Linux kernel. I'd go with a GL, if I were you. ;)

  3. 1.) Because people keep complaining that µTorrent "ramps up slowly". Well, the patch fixes that and still allows enough connections for aggressive surfing/multiple downloads (FTP etc.) at the same time. You can lower it if don't think you'll need that much. The guide is not the end all be all. ;)

    2.) Yes, that's what I use and on most torrents I get great speeds. Too many connections will steal your bandwidth because µTorrent has to keep communication with all those peers, most of them which you'll not receive anything. It's better to have a few peers uploading to you @ > 5 kB/s than dozens of peers @ < 0.3 kB/s... Then again, if 55 peers works better for you, hey, nobody's stopping you. Use what works for you. ;)

  4. I've put away my baseball bat. You can come out now. :P

    1.) Ignore the warning. If you've port forwarded manually, there's no need for UPnP, hence that "error" message. P.S. make sure you've unselected "Enable UPnP port mapping (Windows XP or later only)". ;)

    2.) You can safely ignore that warning as well. They've put it in there for people who don't know what they're doing, but since you and I do know what we're doing, that warning does not apply to us. ;)

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