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  1. Since the new disk i/o was introduced in 3.3 I'm getting abnormal pagefile usage with every version since. The pagegefile usage gets increased up to 1.5 Gb and frees up as soon as I close uT. I've seen few posts here mentioning that problem but haven't seen any solutions. Is this even acknowledged by the devs?
  2. Is the unusual pagefile usage in 3.3 even being looked at by the devs? I've seen it being mentioned here multiple times but nothing's being done about it. I've been updating uTorrent for every new (3.3) build and reverting back to 3.2.3 after a few hours. The problem is: whenever I close uTorrent 3.3 after it's been running for several hours there's a 200-300 mb drop in task managers physical memory usage history graph. And if someone is saying the problem is at my end, they should first explain to me why its not happening with 3.2.3
  3. @conquerist: I had the exact same problem. Downgraded back to 3.2.3 (28705) and everything workes flawlessly. Don't plan upgrading any time soon.
  4. there's no change-log for 29342
  5. uTorrent 3.3 Build 29342 Can anyone explain whats causing this?
  6. @rafi: this is the 3.3 thread
  7. there's no need for "uTorrent Lite". just move the non-essential stuff to uTorrent Plus and make a win-win out of it.
  8. build 29126 nope, not in my case
  9. had to downgrade to 3.2.3 because of this
  10. ive had much lower speeds than 2.1 (same torrents, same settings) so i reverted back
  11. when turning off the bandwidth management (bt.transp_disposition = 5) should we also disable bt.tcp_rate_control and net.calc_overhead ?
  12. i have the same problem as xacox, but im not a initial seeder tough, just a normal peer. the speed graph used to look like a mountain landscape until i disabled the bandwidth management in the bittorrent settings section. now the graph is a straight line going along my max ul/dl speed values. everyone experiencing the same speed problems should try the same
  13. adding torrents when client is not running has a bug i believe. when i open a torrent it just brings out the program so i need to open the torrent again to add it to the queue. can someone take a look at this?