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  1. one thing I have noticed with the alpha µTorrent 3.3 alpha (27150) and this beta µTorrent 3.2 beta (27138) is that is it connecting to my torrent sights they show me as un-connectable I do not know why this is when I uninstalled and went back to the current stable verson it worked fine. o by the way I am running windows 7 home premium 64bit
  2. ok I got to put my 2 cents in the color of the bars are very hard to see can the compleated go back to a dark blue this light green is hard to see if you have sight problems like I do .
  3. ok dont know what is going on I have disk caching off and I am still getting the disk over load any ideas
  4. It does not work no matter what is there it still flasheses
  5. I am writing this because I have someone in my home that has seizers where flashing things could trigger one. ok at the top right box where it says name # size remaining... right were it says remaining there is something that is flashing it is doing every sec and you cant read what it is but it gives me a headace with little sight. and it just started doing this the last round of alpha's this one and the last one I have tried closing tabs with no luck hopefully someone knows what this is I will try to report this via email too I have noticed it is the same place on the bar nomatter what is at that space
  6. file prority is still not working it has everything still set to low even though I have one file in the group set to high and the rest set to normal
  7. I can not find this but in the current build all of the priority that is being downloaded are low even if I set them to high
  8. You still can not do a control a for select all in this verson eather
  9. You still can not do control a on the files to select all
  10. on the files tab you can not use the shortcut control a to select all but in all other parts like the top you can and you can use shift and control to select them indvitually but you can not select all
  11. µTorrent 2.2 "Griffin" alpha 20532 - - When you click on a websight to add it adds it but does not show it when you click on it again it asks you if you want to add trackers to it when you shutdown and reopen utorrent you see the download
  12. Do we know if the express buttons like control a and priority are also going to be fixed and also do we have an eta
  13. blindbat


    Well if you want mine here goes. If I make you feel dumb by me having to explain some things please understand alot of people do not understand what these terms are so I don't mean to put anybody down I just want you to understand were I am comming from. and Yes I give you premission to fix my spelling. First of all I am legally blind (yes as in can't see) I have had lots of trouble in using other programs because they are not screen reader friendly (a screen reader is exactly what is says it reads the screen that you normally would see with your eyes) Eather they contain lots of code and not real text or they do not contain what is known as mouse overs (you know when you put your mouse over a button a little side window pops up and normally tells you what that button does). A screan reader reads that. Anyway utorrent is the only one I have used that lets me use my screen reader and it truely has the correct information in the mouseover and I want to say Thank you. That is why I do not mind helping when new versons are being tested cause I know I have a unique trait that to put it mildly if I can navigate and use it any one can lol Hopefully no one got made on how I explained things