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  1. The version 1.8.5 shouldn't upgrade to 2.0? When I click on "check for updates", I get "there is no new version available at this time".
  2. Hi there! Yes I made a confusion. I was talking about Peer factor. But I wanted to be asked if I allow to share my resources. I do not want something/someone to use them without my explicit agreement. Can UTorrent guarantee that? Thanks.
  3. Hi there. I was in the Peer Exchange website, and did not understand their aim. I think they will earn money using others resources. I saw Utorrent as a very good BT client, but from today, I really do not know... How I know if Peer Exchange if running in background? I had searched everywhere and did not found any options related with Peer Exchange. I do not allow anyone to use my resources. Can the developer of this program guarantee fairness and user protection over abuses ("spywares")? Thank you.
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