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  1. DHT is disabled, its something I don't use. As I say, works fine for everything I use it for. System Tray works fine on wine 1.19, just need a KDE app open(with systray icon), which I always have anyway, as I use Kvirc. edit: The system tray problem is because wine has not yet added support for the freedesktop standard that GNOME uses. I did see it in a wine bug report but can't find it, its something that will be fixed in time. The above fix works fine however, any KDE systray icon will solve the problem for you.
  2. Been using µTorrent on Fedora Core 5 for 2 months now, under Wine version 1.17 and as of the other day 1.19 and never had a problem, works great, and even on linux its still an amazing client Edit:- Here's a screen shot :-
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    Browser: FireFox IRC: irssi Text Editing: nano, eclipse FTP: gftp Mail: gmail SSH: the ssh command Firwall: iptables No Antivirus No Antispyware OS: Fedota Core 5 / WinXP (but only for games )
  4. Just got 1.5 and I like it a lot, keep up the good work!
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