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  1. I just tried to upgrade from 1.8.3 to 2.0. The installer silently failed when I clicked the "Install" button until I manually deleted the C:\Program Files\uTorrent folder. I had saved the program to that folder, thinking ugprading was just like the old version, replace the EXE file. Perhaps it tried to delete the folder, couldn't, and then just sat there and didn't say anything.
  2. I was going to send you a PM, but I don't see the option anywhere... Anyway, my feature request list actually doesn't get that many new feature requests. There's only been one in the last two days.
  3. Originally, a uTorrent moderator had access to set the Good Feature/Bad Feature setting and have access to moderate (delete/edit) feature suggestions. I am still willing to provide a moderator with that access.
  4. Can you suggest a list of categories to include? And thanks for the sticky :-)
  5. The site is back up. I took it down due to hosting problems and security/design flaws. I'll work on modifying it to use AJAX for voting and tighten up security. Until then, you can still enjoy the feature request page.
  6. UPDATE - New Features for the Feature Request Tracking Page: 1. You can now see your votes. If you have already voted for a feature, the vote you selected shows in bold. 2. You can change your vote. If you voted "Yes" (which nows shows bold without a link), you can still click the "No" option to change your vote. 3. After voting, your browser jumps to the feature you voted on. I know that an AJAX voting system would work a lot better, so I'll look into that.
  7. Ahh... I was just doing LEFT JOIN. I tried that query and it seems to work just fine. I'm self-taught in PHP and MySQL, so I appreciate the assistance. I have this feature up and running now. Right now it just displays the option you selected in bold. I welcome any ideas on a different way to see what you've voted on (like a background color or something).
  8. The question is whether people feel that the feature should be implemented. Their reasons why are somewhat irrevelant. If they think it's just bloat, they vote no. If they think there are more important things, they probabaly should just not vote at all. If you look through the list, it's easy to see which features are desired and which are not. Of course, I can't even guarantee that Ludde even looks at the list (I seriously have no idea). Some of the most requested features haven't been implemented, and some with very negative feedback have been.
  9. Update: The RSS links now just right to the topic in question. I am also working on having it display if you have already voted on each feature. If you have any other ideas for the page, feel free to post them. On that note, perhaps someone can help with the MYSQL syntax? I don't want to do a separate SELECT for each feature to see what the vote is. I have two tables, one with all the features, and one with the list of votes by IP, feature id, and vote. How can I get a MySQL SELECT statement to show all the rows from the features table, and if there is a matching row in the votes table (based ont he user's IP), show that, or NULL if no match.
  10. Your post seems a little off-topic. I don't see how that applies to the feature request form. You are welcome to post a topic on my forum if you have a question or concern.
  11. The voting site is back online. If you want any more information about, just visit (or
  12. The wishlist was offline for a day while I changed servers. It should be up and running now.
  13. There is no way to change your vote right now. Some of these ideas would require a user management system, which is what I was trying to avoid. I was trying to keep it simple, and not require a login.
  14. Isn't this request a little far out of the way of a client? A whole separate program would have to be run on the actual HTTP server. There is a web seeding specification. The best that uTorrent could do is 'support' that specification, but as far asI know, none of the other clients do.
  15. The "Status" column is there so users can see if the feature will (not) likely be included in a future release. If you want more information as to why a feature has been marked one way or anothing, go to the BUG tracker.