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  1. yeah' date=' but they don't remove already added bloat.[/quote']We're working on it Now that's some more great news, glad to hear it!
  2. Yup, this is 3.2.2 I'm also happy that the uTorrent team is coming out with constant bug fixes for new builds instead of adding useless new features (bloat) that nobody needs or uses. Shows that they are willing to listen to users feedback.
  3. Was just wondering if this has been updated for the current stable version 3.2? I ask because I always refer to your guide when I do an upgrade.
  4. Do you find it irritating that they haven't updated the thread title to 27825? Good luck sleeping tonight I don't care about the thread title, what I care about is knowing what was added/removed or otherwise changed in the new build of a software I use on a daily basis. Only thing I find irritating is your childish and immature attitude on the forums. Good luck in life.
  5. New build but still the same old "We're not going to post the changelog because we don't want to" attitude which is horrible. People complain about that and yet it continues. Guess their attitude is just a huge F***k you to all of us.
  6. Are you guys serious? Still shows this release as RC instead of stable on the forums... is it really hard to update the thread title? Not professional at all... and on top of that, the current stable version shows 3.2 build 27568 on the downloads page... but in this thread, the current version is build 27547... mind updating the thread showing us those changes as well? How hard is it to keep the threads updated to let us all know the changes/fixes in the current build? Would have thought you guys would've learned your lesson after people complained about the lack of communication... makes me wonder if uTorrent is the right choice anymore.
  7. Funny how the admins here can't update the thread with proper terms... still shows as RC 8 on the forum here but shows as stable on the downloads page. Don't know how hard it would be to change the thread title to show the correct information.
  8. On the downloads page, it shows uTorrent 3.2 as stable (build 27547) but here in the forums it's still in release candidate? I'm confused.
  9. No changelog again... wow... this is becoming annoying.
  10. I'm liking these fast fixes that are coming out with each new build. Keep up the great work.
  11. I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Using the latest uTorrent 3.0 and I download consistently at 3MB/s. All I did was disable Windows caching of disk writes and disable Windows caching of disk reads, which I recommend everyone to do if you haven't already.
  12. I've never changed diskio.use_partfile to false in uTorrent 3.0. I also never had a disk overload issue on any of the uTorrent versions since I started using the program. Don't know what the problem is on some people's computer. You should try using version 3.0 of uTorrent and see if you still have that problem.
  13. I'm using 3.0 and never had a disk overload problem so it's probably something you changed in your settings. Make sure disk caching and writing to windows is disabled.
  14. People who complain about constant bug fixes and updates to uTorrent need to lose their posting privileges. Seriously though, you should all be thankful they are getting bug fixes out really quick instead of waiting weeks or months to patch things up. Keep the updates/fixes coming, don't listen to the negative people. People are always afraid of change and same thing happened when FireFox started releasing new versions of their browser every 6 weeks compared to every few months or so... and now people are used to it and they get new features and fixes out a lot quicker thanks to Google Chrome starting the trend.
  15. Learn to pay attention to build numbers. I notice. Where can I find the list of update changes? Lol.. it's on the first page of this thread.