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Files downloading list bottom most files are off screen/scroll down button hidden


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Ok, maybe not off screen, but they are outside the interface frame.

if for example im downloading a large number of files, the scroll bar seemingly goes under my task bar, however, when i hide the windows task bare, its still exactly the same problem, also yo ucan see my desktop background so you can see utorrent isnt simply going under the task bar.

So, to reiterate, the scroll pane is not flush with the bottom of the window, it goes about 1-2 file heights below the visible UI, you can see in the photo ive highlighted important points, being the availability of the background though the taskbar showing the taskbar isnt just overlapping, the last 1-2 file in the list being inaccesible, and also the fact the scroll bar can be off screen.

If youll also note, there is no button accessible to the user to scroll down. for someone using say, a laptop, and wanting to view a large list of information, say, a file list, this makes things problematic, ive been dealing with this issue for a while since the last time i updated im surprised no fix has been made yet, or even any mention of the issue.

Im using windows 8.1, toshiba qosmio x70.
Could this just be on my computer? also is there a way to default all the settings i cant find anything to verify i havent maybe messed with something



If i upgrade will i gain access to the scroll down button?
i just confirmed its way more than 1 file deep

I feel as though the ad banners are pushing it down maybe, and if not for this problem i would 100% buy it



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