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Why/how was the uTorrent About dialog easter egg sound ripped from Steve Gibson?


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In uTorrent's About dialog, clicking on the uTorrent icon creates a synthesized sound that I always thought could be attributed to the clever uTorrent programmers and potentially some of their demoscene roots as the plasma effect would hint towards.


However, playing around on Steve Gibson's website in the Windows assembly language programming section, I came across a tiny, 13 KB demo program of his that has the following feature:


And finally, the coolest thing is that ALL of the sound effects are synthesized in realtime, on the fly! There are NO attached bloated .WAV files! 
That "grande finale" sound — reministent of the THX sound — is generated by a 36-operator, 18-voice, polyphonic, frequency modulation (FM) sound effects synthesizer that I created in software just for the purpose. 
My plan is that future products will be "sound effect enabled" where they user can customize the "amount" of sound effects and the program will "re-synthesize" all of the effects, on the fly, to suit individual taste. So, this little title page was my excuse for developing the technology . . .


It generates the EXACT same sound made by uTorrent.   No source code is provided on the website nor advertised for reuse, especially not in a program that has a "premium" paid version, and he maintains copyright on all of the material on the page.


Why is GRC not credited in special thanks?   Why was this assembly code ripped and not even modified slightly to make a new sound?

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