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Using trash button = delete all dl files from my computer. Help!


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When I used the trash button on my keyboard to delete the dl files list, in the same time, it deleted all the files which were downloaded on my computer from utorrent... So now, I have lost all my files...


Is someone know a solution, an alternative to get again my dl's?


Thanks a lot for help and be careful with this button ;)

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gui.default_del_action in advanced preferences needs to be reset to default.


As for getting your downloads back, you're going to need to either re-download or use data recovery software.


Thank you for your help.

The "gui.default_del_action" was on "3"

I tried to use a data recovery software named "recuva" but didn't work... :(


Do you know a recovery software who find deleted files in my situation ? 

Thx you very much

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