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Peer Exchange question/issue


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I recently got upgraded to a completely new and modern fiber connection and instantly ordered 1Gbit down & up. My speeds are perfectly fine and I tend to max out the connected leecher's bandwidth when downloading from me. I'm averaging around 40-60 MB / sec upload and I've reached as high as 127 MB / sec upload on private trackers for new torrents when other users' seedboxes are leeching.


My question is about Peer Exchange. For torrents with a positive seeder / leecher swarm (say, 6K seeders - 3K leechers) I'm not getting a lot of peers. Each individual torrent are allowed 200 peers and I've got no bandwidth limit, yet these torrents only have about 40-60 peers connected. If I've been a seeder from the start, at this point I usually have around 1K ratio. I haven't set any cap at all, unlimited ratio and all available bandwidth at disposal, yet these 40-60 peers only use around 1MB - 3MB of my upload speed but every now and then a peer connects and downloads at about 20MB.


Is this normal?

Is the amount of peers connected something to be expected with a 2:1 seeder/leecher ratio?

Are there any settings I can fine-tune in uTorrent for my network speed?


I've got a shit ton of available bandwidth just sitting there and I just want to make sure it's as available to all peers in the swarm.


I'm using uTorrent 2.2.1 with 4000 max global connections and 200 upload slots & 200 peers per torrent (although hardly any more than 50-100 connects)



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