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Hi there,


Well, it's been over a year since I posted http://forum.utorrent.com/topic/90830-the-soul-of-utorrent/


First off, a quick poke through the forums shows that DreadWingKnight in particular is doing a great job of helping people, and there's a huge and noticeable improvement overall - kudos DWK, I'm really pleased to see that.


Still, aside from that, out of the 8 issues that I listed over a year ago, 3 are still present (actually more, but they are features, not bugs, apparently). Specifically:


1) can't stop most torrents properly without hitting stop and then moving that torrent up or down the list - only then do they stop (http://forum.utorren...isting-torrent/ ). 
4) have intermittent problems with moving files around the torrent list; sometimes when I press the 'move up' or 'move down' button my selection of torrents is deselected, meaning I have to reselect them, click move again, reselect again, click move again, reselect again, and so on. This does not seem to be a consistent behaviour but happens often enough to be annoying, it seems to happen more often when single torrents are selected. (- HINT - in this case, select every torrent between but not including the one you want to move and the target location in the list, and move those instead, eg if you want to move torrent number 20 to position 3 then select torrents 4 to 19 and move them DOWN one).
5) have a problem where if I roll the mouse wheel over the torrent list while holding shift then utorrent opens the file properties, and if I roll the mouse wheel over the file list while holding shift then uTorrent RUNS the file my mouse is over. I hit this a lot because I use shift to select multiple torrents, shift plus move up/down to move torrents to the top or bottom of the list, and I use shift to select multiple files for priority changes, while using the mouse wheel to scroll up and down the list
Indeed #4 got worse.
From other long term bug reports, there are still other issues - the one that I notice regularly is that on the peer list the '% relevance' is still very broken. There's probably more but I'll save all our time and not list them.
Seems to me that the points above are all large breaking issues with the UI that make uTorrent almost impractical as a torrent management system, especially number 4 - moving torrents around has become a constant headache taking far longer than it should.
What I want to ask is - why are such crucial UI issues not getting fixed? Looking at the release notes, I can see that fixes to DHT and network routines are important, but does eg fine tuning streaming trump something as basic as being able to set up the order of your torrents? Even assuming that for business reasons the work on the ads routines and pro purchasing comes first, some of the other things seem very low priority... and I for one would never pay to purchase a torrrent manager where I could not move torrents up and down properly!
Thanks in advance,
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