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DHT & others "Not Allowed"


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This morning, I tried to download a torrent form a private tracker from which I managed without any problem yesterday, and nothing happened.


I checked the Tracker information, and found [DHT] & [Local Peer Discovery] & [Peer Exchange] all showing "not allowed."


The announce seems to be stuck on "updating."


I put the torrent into Transmission, a different application for Mac, and it downloaded immediately.


At a friend's place this afternoon, he had the same problem with several torrents he was both downloading and according to uTorrent, seeding, but there was no activity whatsoever, and he had the same information on the Tracker tab.


I'd like to continue using uTorrent and don't want to go through the learning curve for my very old friend to start up with something different.


We are on different ISPs, so it's unlikely to be a problem there.  We both have iMacs, although his is older than mine and he's using an older OS.

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