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Linux server versions and direct downloads (please read before delete!)


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Hello uTorrent staff & friends!


I am aware that you guys generally do not provide old versions of utorrent. No trouble accepting this here. I can understand that this is your release and app management style. Not trying to start a revolution at utorrent.com (lol)


However, I have a suggestion and an idea that could be highly beneficial to me and potentially other users.


Would you consider opening the version history and download links to the uTorrent LINUX SERVER ONLY?


Today, I literally spent 2+ hours just TRYING to find... just to find.... an older version of utorrent linux server because the current one I use is blacklisted (for bugs/errors I believe) on one of the trackers I use. That experience is probably the main motivation force behind this post.


In my experience, older versions of utorrent for Windows & Mac are available online and MUCH easier to find. But finding linux (other than the current alpha 3.3) feels next to impossible.


Why not current version v3.3 alpha? One significant reason is because I STRONGLY prefer the previous WebUI interface design (not really feelin' the one with the huge green header).


The only old version for linux uTorrent that I was able to find a download link for was v3.0.


This (v3.0) version works great, but I cannot use it with some trackers (blacklisted) and it therefore semi-defeats the purpose of having a seedbox.


In other words...


Since there are no databases (that I was able to find anyway) available for downloading the Linux version... Is it possible for you guys to share a few older versions or a public FTP? (not sure how practical this is... just offering speculated ideas)


Again what makes this suggestion unique (imo) is because it's specifically for Linux. In my experience, the availability for Linux is rather sparse online compared to the Windows/Mac client versions (which can be found with one google search).


I could't even find much about this within the uTorrent forums themselves.


Of course, if there is some download database available with older linux versions (on the utorrent site or otherwise), I would happy jump on it. I don't care if it comes from utorrent.com or anywhere else... I would just LOVE to be able to download and install uTorrent Linux 3.2 on my Ubuntu box.


Thank you very much for reading and considering :D


EDIT: I thought I was posting in the "General" section.. only to realize, after posting that there's a separate "General" for Linux also. Feel free to move this thread there if necessary. Sorry for the newbie mistake :)

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