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HELP: cant see torrent list


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okay so here's the problem..you guys recognise the main screen where one can see ALL their torrents.. may it be downloading or completed or seeding etc etc..
I lost that screen..and here's how i lost it.
I was downloading a full season of a series and there were like 30-40 files in it..
so i decided to increase priority for some files and decrease for the others..
Now i stretched the bottom bar fully up so that i can view all the FILES of that particular torrent in order to manipulate the priorities..
and now im not able to pull it down.. the cursor doesn't change its shape so that i can pull it down the way i stretched it up, 
And hence i cant access the main Utorrent screen..
I have tried restarting uTorrent, restarting my laptop, clicking on side panels.. nothing happens..

*attaching an image too*


Please help me !

Thanks :)


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