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New message saying I need to downgrade to run torrent


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I was getting a new torrent for the first time today and suddenly as the torrent is loading I get a message that says:


"A newer version of uTorrent 3.4.3 build 40760 is already installed.; Would you like to downgrade to 3.4.3 build 40298? Choose no to continue running uTorrent."


My first choice was no because obviously I didn't want to downgrade.; Nothing--torrent doesn't show up and doesn't work. Then I tried yes, but nothing--torrent doesn't show up and doesn't work.  So I thought maybe it was the individual torrent so I got another. No change.  Then I went back and redownloaded an old torrent I had already used before and still got the message.


The message also was implying that uTorrent was already running. So I exited and pulled up the program by clicking on the torrent file itself--still same error message.; I went from a smooth and great running program to one that suddenly isn't working at all.



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