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Error: Can't open .Torrent File Etc


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Hello. I am using uTorrent 3.4.5 build 41202 on a Win 10 pc. I have been using a older version of uTorrent on an older pc and everything worked ok. I can download torrents and when they finish they start seeding but when I shutdown the pc and restart the Status reads (ERROR:Can't open .torrent file: F: Utorrent2Downloads\torrent name). On the old version I could  right click the file, choose advanced and set the download location and get the file back but nothing works now. I must be doing something wrong. Anyone know what that is?. Thanks for the help.

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Sorry for the delay but I am restricted to one post a day for awhile. I can't seem to get a screen shot of the directories page to attach so I will tell you which boxes are checked and the location in them.


Put new downloads in is F:\UTorrent2 Downloads


Store .torrents in is F:\UTorrent2 Downloads


Thats all the there is on that page


After I had downloaded the files I had initially told you about I added all the torrents I had that were on the old pc I replaced. They loaded and became active ok and were seeding. I shut down the pc for the night and when booted up next all the torrents had the same error message the others did. It seems it can't find the files on a start up.


Hope you are able to make sence out of it. Thanks

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