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Per user / per file bandwidth cap


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When I'm seeding to a lot of people, my bandwidth reaches my max (approx 7.5 MBps).  I have a friend that I regularly exchange with, but whenever I send him a file, the speed maxes out a little under 600 KBps.  I've uploaded to others and he's downloaded from others at higher speeds.


As a test, today I sent him a file to download.  As usual, the speed capped under 600 KBps.  But then I sent him four more files.  He queued them all up, and concurrently, he was downloading from me at 2.8 MBps.


So somewhere along the line, there is a throttle that says each person can only download a specific file at this maximum.  But I can't find it anywhere.


Any help would be appreciated.

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