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Won't Show progress of downloading x265 files


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i've been using utorrent for years but today i downloaded 2 files with new codec x.265.. 1st file downloaded still i can't play ( its problem on my end using 10 yr p4)

the second file keeps on downloading but its doesn't show the progress bar moving and its showing 322kb downloading and is stuck at this figure for 2 hours.

i stopped the torrent forced rechecked it now its displays 0 bytes downloaded but after recheck its starts the download but wont show progress after 300 or 400 kb.

i deleted the torrent and re-downloded but again with the same anomaly? bye the way i have 10 other download running perfectly. i download 10gb daily mostly documentaries and games.

i dont want to uninstalll utorrent .




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that's highly unlikey but i did check it has 30 seeders.

The problem is not the seeding  it is downloading but not displaying the bytes or information on how much is being downloaded.

the download bar remains empty! even after downloading couple of megabytes.

and i did try the same file from another source (same ,size 4.78gb) it did the same thing ,keeps downloading but i dont know how much is being download,left or remaining.

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ok i think there might be confusion in the screenshot

the 1st file in the torrent is not the problem ( it has no seeders its confirmed i know that but still optimistic i dont wanna waste 3gb) so i left it running

the problem is 11th torrent (mythbusters)

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