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Files limit uTorrent


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Hi, A simple question:
Does uTorrent has a limit for the number of files can be uploaded with it?
I know this number is configurable via the Options->Preferences->Queueing "Maximum number of active torrents", however I am not sure whether the number of files can actually reach to the number I'm targeting.
I need to use the WebAPI to seed thousands of files (millions in the future), and I want to know if it is designed to support that scale.

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I have added 500 files using the WebAPI, and only 350 files are seeding, rest are stuck in "Connecting to peers" mode and the targeted tracker is stuck on "updating...".
I want to ask again to be understood - can uTorrent seed tens and hundreds of thousands of torrents simultaneously? Doesn't it depend on the underlying system limitations, for example the number of opened files? 
Which settings exactly should I set in order to enable huge amount of seeded files?

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