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  1. So, why aren't you sharing the non zero dmp file? By overall do you mean - ACTIVE/downloading torrents?
  2. What do you mean "history? And why do you need the torrents' *history*? They used to keep it in settings.dat, and the current state in resume.dat, not sure it is still in setting.dat. Anyway, just backup all the *.dat files near settings.dat.
  3. Just backup yours and try using my setting file (it's clean from any "history"...) , if it solves the issue, tune it to your needs (port/directories/etc) later on.
  4. Have you tested if your port is open for access from the outlside (green network status icon)? You are welcome to use my setting file (below in my sig) make sure the port you define is open (no firewall no router NAT blocking it)!
  5. Well, too bad you haven't provided that extra/important info... Seems like you have your answer... Don't use this tracker... Case closed...
  6. (and with DHT/PEX enabled/disabled) PS/edit: I still recommend trying with the exe I've linked to. Also, uploading a clip of the first 60 seconds with slackware (showing the different tabs) can be of help
  7. Can you check if this delay happens for you with the slackware torrent (+DHT/PEX ) too ? I've noticed a new setting: advanced setting : magnet.download_wait - 60 ... which "doesn't work" for me... Maybe it works for you for some reason...
  8. Been there, done that, not going to check those... Both your changes are not needed, plus pre-allocation - can cause delays, and I am against these. Per #2 in your list (which I agree to...) - use the latest release from my link ...
  9. >I am using version 3.5.5 latest build - 45660 ? You can try changing these two: pref.->general -> pre allocate all files - unchecked pref.-> advanced -> bt.connect_speed = 10 Also confirm - pref.-> advanced ->diskio.no_zero = default (true).
  10. So, you've screwed with my settings, and complain? ... This shows, that your system (settings) are still not well adjusted. Check if your port # in preferences is the one being is forwarded in your router, and if open-port test from any internet test-site to it - passes. Partly blocking the outside world from yourself, and still hoping to get fast peers, is a contradiction...
  11. Excluding of utorrent.exe . Not being able to get/download slackware is not possible under normal conditions. More likely your ISP is involved.
  12. >Also, for some reason I can't download slackware torrents ^ You've got serious blocking issue, it is both public and legal torrent/file. Check your firewall or ask your ISP. After that, you can investigate the 60 min thing...
  13. Here, try again with my settings (@ my sig) . Also, a good test as reference will be slackware torrent, not your private tracker...
  14. rafi

    uTorrent Directories

    You can consider changing/swapping your drive letters E<->F ...
  15. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    A simple trick for this is - scroll down so everything *above* "Torrents (1)" will be hidden, done. uTorrent should save this scroll position for the next run... XD
  16. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    It was asked because I was not able to see the "pure" client supposedly extracted in/from the original exe archive. Maybe you can point out which files were extracted. .rsrc\1033\RCDATA\ - gone upx1 - -250KB CERTIFICATE - -2B http://www.imagebam.com/image/401b921342503968
  17. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    So this is the exact same as 2.24M sized file in the beta download links? What's the diff?
  18. You can set to any number you like in the pref->bandwidth, which is not that difficult... After this it will show between -20%->500% around it.
  19. What's your Windows version/build# ? Can you post what is being displayed in your "Logger" tab in both cases?
  20. No. Best I can think of for 5000k torrents, is using my settings + set the LAA flag in that uT exe.
  21. Missing enable/disable checkbox for Playback - is definitly a bug... XD But at least you have you save-dir back... IMHO, those two are redundant...