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64 Bit version


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Hi, first time poster long time lurker here :-)

Right, I will jump right in and ask for a 64 bit version to be made, nowadays PC's are sold as 64 bit processors and have way over the 4GB RAM older PC's came with.

The reason I am requesting this feature (although I have seen another closed thread about this) but time has progressed and so has technology!

I use a (what I'm told is 64 bit version 2.0 Build 18620) and I use this version for 1 very simple reason; a bigger disc cache..

Now I have read other posts about lowering the cache or leaving it at default, but really I cannot get even half my download speed this way (I have 200 down, 12 Up), now every so often I download a torrent with over 100 seeders, most of these use seedboxes so as you can imagine, they sure can push out torrent pieces faster than most can download, however, using the default disc cache, the download speed is mega slow, and even though I am using a SATA 3 hard drive, it still saturates the disc and I get the dreaded 100% overhead on the drive as shown at the bottom of the window, as soon as I set the disc cache to 2015MB, I hit my full download speed of around 23MB/s+ so this is why I am asking for this feature.

I read it is not cost effective to produce 64 bit software, well I think the developers kindly get on the bandwagon of 64 bit as it is only going to get more and more popular, and as the internet grows, so does the demand for faster download and upload speeds.

As it stands, as others have said, using the SUPPORTED versions of uTorrent, on my 64 bit system, when downloading a highly seeded torrent, using the highest disc cache setting, uTorrent freezes and doesnt upload or download until the cache is reduced by writing the pieces to disk, which can take 5+ minutes, and that is wasted time on a private tracker, as I have to completely force uTorrent to exit, meaning all that data in the cache has gone, meaning I have to download them bits AGAIN which ultimately damages peoples ratios.

I am sorry for the long post, but I have thought long and hard about this before and indeed during typing this post.

PLEASE dont dismiss 64bit software as it is the future and I would absolutely hate to have to faf about finding a more fitting torrent downloader as I have used uTorrent now for the last 10+ years.


I hope this has given some people something to think about and hope this post doesnt get jumped on and closed without proper discussion.


Thanks all for your time,


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