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utorrent not working


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This started happening randomly, all downloads stop right after getting their metadata with a "checked 0.0%" message. Closing and restarting the client may start the first download in the list, but that's also random.

One suggestion I found was to delete %AppData%\utorrent\resume.dat. The first time I fired up the client after I deleted it everything worked fine but then the file was recreated and I was back where I started.

Mac OS X
1) Stop then Start all torrents
2) Exit uTorrent
3) Open Terminal and execute the following command (enter your password):
cd "~/Library/Application Support/uTorrent" && sudo rm -f *.old

... This will delete all .old files.
4) Open uTorrent and you're good to go.

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I was having problems around the 11th of February as well.  I did the terminal windows commands as detailed by priyanka541 and that seemed to clear it up.  I also had an extra directory in that same area called µTorrent as opposed to uTorrent.  I deleted that "µTorrent" directory as well as the associated files with the usual "rm -rf µTorrent".  

I am successfully downloading/seeding again.  


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