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Question about Pro


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Sooo most people under 40 have more than 1 machine..

Can a person subscribing to the Pro version request a limit increase ?

I'm also a frequent clean installer.. is my account locked via installs to a hwid ooor just 1 running session at a time ?

What happens to my other sessions of uTorrent on other machines ?

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well I tell you fine folks what.. uTorrent will always have a special place in my heart as a former favorite torrent client..

Still willing to support via Pro.. already have on Android :-D

Buuuut if I'm going to do it on Windows I'd need to have more than 1 running session active..

Is it something often requested never granted ooor what ?

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3 hours ago, PiusX said:

Pro Question are not answered here...

no problem..

how can I ask a presale interested buyer question about Pro without being Pro ?

I'm not going to buy in then find out the answer is single running session only sorry..

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