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Error: Invalid Download State on torrents once in a while.


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Every few days or so, normally near the end of a tv or movie torrent, the download stops and I get an error " Error Invalid Download State - Try Resuming."  Hitting start always starts the torrent right back up.  This will often happen to multiple torrents I am downloading, but not all of them, even when they are all from the same tracker.  I also have many files seeding, but they never show this error.  This is on a wired home network, all downloading to the same HDD.  Does this sound like a HDD or network problem possibly?  95% of the time every torrent works perfectly.  Thanks for any input.

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Same problem here. Using uTorrent for Mac Version 1.8.7 (41986). Torrent files located in 2 external NAS (1) WD My Book Live and just recently (2) WD My Cloud.

Every now and then I get "Invalid Download State on torrents, try resuming" error. I suspect this is when mac sleeps and loses network connection.

I usually am able to correct by right click > Advance > Set download location, then pressing play again.

All I needed is the do to set download location once and am usually able to select all affected torrents (command-click for multiple selection) then press play and everything is ok.

But lately "Invalid Download State on torrents, try resuming" error." seems happening all the time and I have to correct it one by one.

What is the correct way to do this?

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