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Problem deleting then re-installing Utorrent / Utorrent No longer in Program/Features folder - Vista


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I had a recent issue where upon start-up of Utorrent I was getting a runtime error message and Utorrent would just shut down.

It was suggested by a friend that I un-install then re-install the latest version of Utorrent. I un-installed Utorrent that I went to the main Utorrent page and clicked download and I downloaded the latest version utorrent 3.4.5 build 41865. However, when I did this and clicked on the Utorrent.exe icon on my desktop, it didn't go through an install process but rather just re-opened Utorrent to the latest build. I found this very interesting and bizarre to say the least but then when I went into my installed programs under Programs/Features in control panel, there is NO Utorrent in there at all. What is even more weird is that my icon on the desktop utorrent.exe I just have to click that and it opens Utorrent back to where it was but updated from the previous build.

My question is that would there be a reason that this has happened as I am a little uncomfortable that Utorrent does not show now in my programs/features folder in Control Panel (I have Vista). My previous just Utorrent icon that I would click on to start the program is no longer on my desktop either and I find it weird that I just have to click on the now Utorent.exe icon to start it up.

How would I now completely uninstall Utorent and then re-install so that it would show in my Programs/Features folder, any help will be appreciated.

Also, upon doing some more reading and reviews of the latest Utorrent, there is something about third party installation of stuff and a few reviews mentioned something about Epic or Bitcoin, all that stuff is news to me so any help on that one would be appreciated.





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