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Ear raping advertisement on the client.


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I'm not aware of what the Ad was, but holy hell was it loud.

I had utorrent up in the background while watching videos. Suddenly incredibly loud music came up that made me have to throw my headphones off. My volume was around 36 at the time. My headphones sounded like speakers for the short time the ad played.

Followed this up by hitting the mute key and tabbing over. The advertisement looked like it was for some sort of gambling game I suppose. There were coins and tokens being flipped over with no name.

Whatever this advertisement is it needs to be toned down, a lot.

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I encountered this too, several times, and I just had enough, and there are options in the settings to disable the ads, though it's a bit hidden.

I would be completely fine with the regular ads, I understand that they support this program, but when they play video ads with audio, it's just too much.


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Hi,... I have used Utorrent for years. This topic is exactly what brings me to the forums for the first time ever.

Over the past week or so this has been happening a lot. It's usually not right after you first launch the program,.. it's later on when you re-open it from system tray or bring the window back up and the ad refreshes and lately it ends up being a very loud blaring ad depending how high your volume is and mine is high enough when gaming and running Utorrent in the back ground.

Sometimes it plays over and over and you have to shut the program down and hope you do not get a volume ad when you re-open it.

I leave Utorrent open 24/7 and seed files to my fellow gamers so I hope this gets resolved as I can't have sound in the back ground annoying me or distracting me while competing.

Also great for waking up fellow room mates in the middle of the night qq.

Also it can be at ANY time and there is more than one ad doing this,... I would say 2-3 have sound now.

I agree with the rest having ads is something I won't complain about I am used to them always being there and used the program for free for yrs. but I must agree this is to much.

Thanx for your time.

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