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New, Lost & Feelin Like a Goof


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Please assist this silly gal... I paid for the pro and downloaded the bundle and all, onto my computer. I have it pulled up but unsure how to download what I am looking for, which just happens to be music at the present moment. Or if the search I am using is even the right one. HaHaHa! 

What I have done is on the top right in the search I typed in the song artist and name of song and it would bring up my internet browser (I have tried using my Chrome browser as well as my Firefox just in case one was not supported). A list of websites like YouTube, Vevo, Amazon etc. My preference would be to have just the songs or albums themselves and not the videos and preferably to not pay for them after paying for this program unless thats the way this works and I just happened to have missed that part LoL Than, my bad...

Anyways, please help! What am I doing wrong?

I read in the help section and it said to go to "http://www.utorrent.com" or sites like to download content which I get but when I do it asks me to re-download and pay again which I already did and it's on my comp and I am using it HeHeHe

Any type of assitance in helping slow ole me would be gratefully appreciated! Thank You! And sure, I'll allow u a giggle or two but thats at max... No more than that, then we gotta talk!

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