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Connecting to more peers?


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I've set my preference>Bandwidth>max connections 1k, max connections per torrent 200, number of upload slots 100.


Queing > Max active torrents to 30, min ratio goal 10000%


Yet I only ever have a max number of 10-20 total peers that I am seeding to (out of like 10k+ peers in all the active torrents)

upnp is enabled, not using random ports (have enabled current port forwarding for the port I'm using).



Any tips? Or is this normal? Any way to increase my seeding status?

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Wait what, isn't that counter productive? Why would running less torrents and fewer peer connections result in more peer connections? Unless you mean to say that the other 20 peers that are distributed through the 10 different torrents (example) will be assigned to that one torrent, but in the end I will still have 20 peer connections in total (even when I've set the peer connection limit to 200 per torrent).

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