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[BUG] uTorrent server moves incompleted files marked SKIP


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I have discovered a major problem with uTorrent (version 3.3 alpha 30470).

uTorrent downloads files in pieces/parts, as I'm sure you know. This is important, as files marked as 'skipped' in multi-file torrents may still be partially downloaded.

When downloading a torrent with multiple files, and some files have been marked 'skipped', when the torrent completes downloading the requested files (marked 'normal' or otherwise), it will ALSO move those files from the incomplete folder (marked as 'skipped') to the completed downloads folder, even though these files were NOT completed AND marked skipped.

Files marked skipped should not be moved to the completed downloads folder. Furthermore, there should be a DELETE option which will also DELETE the files (so that their space is not allocated).

This is a big problem, as I have tools which scan my completed downloads folder for new files, and it will organize and move these corrupted and incomplete files.


I don't know why I cannot reply to this topic.

Yes, Rafi, diskio.use_partfile is set to true



Is there a 3.4.8 Linux server? The latest on the download page is the one I'm using (3.3)

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