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*I assume discussing TV Shows isn't against the terms of service - I have a subscription to Dish Network and Comedy Central is part of the package, in which case I am paying for the following TV series....

utorrent version: Latest, 1.6

Shows Wanted: Daily Show with Jon Stewart

RSS File: http://tvrss.net/sources/vtv/

I followed the tips provided on the guide, and added a "favorite" as a means to filter out only "Daily Show" episodes.

Problem: When I go to load my favorite to make changes, all text fields are blanked, almost like I had never entered any text to begin with. See here:


See that? Nothing there :( . Since it appears not to save my filter settings, what option do I have to auto download the latest Daily Show episode? Thanks for your help.

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Er... it doesn't happen here... O.o

Does it happen every time?

And small technicallity, but you're still not entitled to download anything just because you're paying for the channel it's being played on. You're paying for the subscription to watch it on television, that's all. It's the same with Windows -- you're not paying to own Windows as opposed to owning the license to use it. Windows isn't your intellectual property still. Anyway, off that tangent... :P

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You have to make sure that when you're inputting, that the actual FAVORITE is selected... If you go to the tab and nothing is selected, you can input, but it doesn't tie to anything... It took me a few tries when the RSS was added to uTorrent :)

Not to hijack your thread, but what does the new icon mean in the RSS viewer? It looked like 2 windows (kinda like the Maximize/Restore button on all windows in XP)

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