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Little help with speed.


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A few days ago I downloaded uTorrent, but I have run into a problem with the speed at which they download. First off I have DSL, and its speed is between 24MBps and 54MBps. When I download using GetRight or Save As they download at about 89Kbps, getting about 100MB in 30 mintues. Also I have a firewall, which cuased it to not even download until I realized that I needed to disable it. Anyway I have two files I am trying to download a 1.21 GB and a 443 MB, and judging by how much as been downloaded from the 1.21 GB one I think the 443MB one will download in 2-3 days.

But the thing that seems odd to me is that when I am downloading it never downloads more than 15KB/s, and even then not for long, heck I am lucky if it stays at 5KB. Then I noticed that the DHT light thing changes, usualy it is on yellow. From what I can tell from reading the FAQ's the yellow means that there might be problems with my network configuration.

Here is another interesting thing, when I have downloaded a few other files, around 100MBs, it has donwloaded at about 89KB/s. It seems like it is just these two torrents that want to go all slow, the only thing that I can think of that might factor into this is the fact that there is no just one file in these, in fact they are both a whole season of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.

So I ask, how do I get it so that they download fast?

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The announcement above reads:

Posting about any illegal sharing of copyrighted content is strictly FORBIDDEN.

It probably applies to where you are at.

If you're only downloading at ~90 KB/sec, then not only are you not getting 24Megabits/sec from your ADSL (2?) line...you're barely getting 1 Megabit/sec download from your line! More than likely, you're not going to be able to download any faster on µTorrent than you can download using GetRight or a web browser from big websites.

Your upload speed is probably only a fraction of your download speed...although in your case, you might still be able to upload at 60+ KB/sec. Do check it using µTorrent's Speed Guide (CTRL+G)...and use the recommended settings for upload speed in it.

If you haven't already, just to test, disable DHT and UPnP and reboot your computer+router+modem and retest. This is to rule out a particularly nasty problem some people are having with those 2 features in µTorrent.

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utorrent speed guide isnt alwayes accurate

i have a prety basic cable connetion nothing fancy and if i go by the defualt seting for my conection it only downloads at half of what it normal does

now i have used utorent on dsl and other type connection before

i would recommend u start your upload speed around 25KB and see how well it does then move it up by 10 usaly that what i do till i get it dialed in

my old dsl i was able to run it around 50KB but my cable upload speed isnt as good so i run around 30KB

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If you haven't a clue about your connection at all, Speed Guide will at least give you a ballpark figure for what it can do.

Not that even I agree with the "recommended settings" it proposes for each speed. :D

...but its settings are at least better than none at all.

I optimize my upload speed personally, and don't mind downloading only 5-10 times faster than I upload in the process instead of 15+ times faster. I intend to share back at least to 1:1 ratio, so lowering my upload for faster download just doesn't make sense. I can upload around 36 KB/sec while downloading and 42 KB/sec while just seeding...though it causes a little web browsing slowness at that setting.

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