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Error: An unexpected network error occurred (Writetodisk)

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I have a problem when using utorrent to download files to a network location (NAS).

Often the torrents stop right away after adding them (guess it is when allocating, tho i havent checked the pre-allocate checkbox)

Then i have to start them again, and if they are smaller torrents (like 10gb), they will run fine until completion. But if they are larger, say around 100gb, they just run for like a couple of seconds, up til a minute or so. then the error message appears again and they are stopped.


If i instead choose to save locally, they run fine.

no other services/servers on the machine running utorrent is having network related problems.


i've checked the NAS when downloading, and it is NOT dropping connection. it is running fine when the error occurs. and all other services to and from the NAS, at the moment of utorrent error, is running fine.

I tried changing ethernet-cables from the pc to the switch (just in case)

as i mentioned earlier i am not using pre-allocate (tho i have tested having it activated, and the same error occurs)


im using utorrent (ad-free) 3.4.9 (build 42606)

on windows server 2012 R2 standard 64-bit

if i forgot to mention something just ask.

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Sounds like a NAS issue not something utorrent can't fix your probably over loading the NAS with such a big file that it can't handle both streaming and writing at the same time. The bigger the file the more problem you will have. Look at your line you say about the NAS downloading and that already tells you what is going on. So you either let it finish for larger file or stream after it is finished.

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Then explain to me how it always worked before without any issue to the NAS?

It worked flawless on the computer that was running utorrent before this one. And it worked on this one as well. 

Then one day it just had this issue. Havent been changing anything on the NAS.


and i have no idea what you're trying to say with:

"So you either let it finish for larger file or stream after it is finished."


what should i finish? and why are you talking about streaming?


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