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uTorrent Server on Ubuntu Server


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Hi all,

I was searching the internetz high and low, can't seem to find an answer to this. Can I install uTorrent Server with a web interface on a headless Ubuntu Server?

Is it meant for this too or will I be creating vulnerabilities?

How do I go about doing this? Do I just follow the same instructions as for the Ubuntu Desktop version?

Can I point a subdomain to it, or do I have to use a domain and a port to get to the interface?

Thank you all for your help!

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Thank you very much!

Installed everything correctly, works great if I start it manually, just unable to load at it boot. Tried setting it up with webmin (Bootup services), tried creating a file with the command in /etc/init.d/, nothing makes it start at boot.

Webmin reports:

Failed to start utorrent.service: Unit utorrent.service is not loaded properly: Invalid argument

Also tried adding it to /etc/rc.local which does actually make it start, but then webmin does not

Any chance of some more help with this please?

Thank you!

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