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I can't download anything.


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So, I'm pretty new to utorrent so maybe this is a very simple problem but when I magnet download from ANY torrenting site it doesn't appear in utorrent and it doesn't seem to have downloaded. It is really weird what happens because as soon as I magnet download something my mouse shows the blue circle as something is loading but then after that nothing happens. I was happily downloading torrents before and everything seemed to be fine but this seemed to have randomly occurred. It also shows "Go to BitTorrent Now to get torrents" which wasn't there before when I could download. Also utorrent shows no active downloads so I don't think they are hidden. I have tried numerous youtube videos searching for my problem and google searches however I have only came across the infamous "connecting to peers" problem. Anyone with a similar problem? Thanks guys.

What my utorrent looks like right now:


Gif of the download not working: https://gyazo.com/b9ed79eaba7c290e713250826e032c3a

If you want me to add anymore screenshots in further detail just let me know what you want to see

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