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Forgive me if this topic is covered, but...


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... I didn't know how to phrase my search to come up with anything meaningful.

My issue is comparison of two downloaded files. Sometimes you find several sources of the same file, sourced via different torrents, with different amounts of data available. So for instance I might get 97.3% of one copy and 87.2% via the other torrent.

While seeders are still active, I often stop both downloads and rename the files (to each others' names), then force re-check and restart. This way if there are any parts of either file that fill in gaps in the other, uTorrent will discover the overlaps and automatically up- and download to seeders so that all sources eventually even out. However once seeders have disappeared (and this seems to happen often), leaving me with two partial files, is there any way to get uTorrent to compare those files and use them to fill in each others' blank spots?

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