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Stuck at finding peers 0%, deluge works


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30 minutes ago, DreadWingKnight said:

What about the status for the actual tracker?

Strange thing is,it works on the win 10

i have 2 PCs win 10 and win server 2012

Windows 10 + utorrent + avistaz = works

Windows server 2012 + utorrent + avistaz = not working

Windows server 2012 + utorrent + rarbg = working

Windows server 2012 + deluge + avistaz = working

All tested with the same torrent

So something in my utorrent setting is blocking avistaz, but i havent changed anything since i set it up like half a year ago


tracert works, i can browse avistaz just fine



Edit : restarting utorrent fixes the problem! No wonder it works on other pc

i'm using it for automation though so i wish this can be fixed

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1 hour ago, DreadWingKnight said:

None of that answers my question.

Well obviously if

1. it works with deluge and

2. it works on another machine running same version of utorrent

that means the tracker is working isnt' it?

Anyways I solved my problem by restarting utorrent, 

I could submit log or something for improvement to eliminate the bug

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