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Using port 21 for utorrent


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My ISP is blocking all my ports except 21, 80 and 8080.

I checked these ports with utorrent and it said "OK! Port 21 is open and accepting connections. You will be able to receive incoming BitTorrent connections."

But my problem is the download speed is very slow ~2kb/s.

My connection is 256kbps through EDGE.

Things I tried:

forwarding ports inWindows XP SP2

forwarding ports in Zonealarm.

My modem is aircard. I contact the manufacturer they said it doesn't block any port.

Patching TCP.sys to 80 connections

Enabling Encryption

I want to know why I can't use port 21 for utorrent?


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All the ports (21, 80 and 8080) are at the same speed 256kbps. I used them all for utorrent and I get the same speed ~2kb/s.

I tried before using Forced encryption and not allowing legacy connections but it fails.

Something is very strange, If I test the ports it says that they are open and I can accept incoming connections. But I'm getting the yellow icon in the status bar which says "No incoming connection". Also "Unable to map UPnP port". After five 5mins I got the "Access Denied" error.

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