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uT 1.6 freeze every 5 min


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Hello everyone,

I installed the new uT 1.6 , but it keeps freezing every few minutes, and i have to kill it...

the machine i have is: win xp sp2, my firewall is 'ghostwall' , and i am using ICS to connect to the internet (NAT). i am successfuly forwarding the port 6881,and get a green light...

i had no probs with on older version of uT.

any ideas?



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Hi Guys,

Thanks for posting back !

heres what i did:

now using port 45431. DHT ,UPnP turned off. set the open connections to 150 less, and also used the speed guide to a common setting.

i didn`t uninstall the ghostwall, since i cant leave my machine open.

uT still freezes to death after a few minutes.

any thoughts?


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