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Connected to peers with same % completion & no seeds

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Hi everyone,


This has never happened to me before and I can't find a relevant topic on the forum, so I was wondering if any of you know or had the same issue.

One of my torrents has been stuck at 16% for the last 2 weeks. I noticed there is a rotation of leechers vanishing from the seed pool on completion, but there are still seeders at a ratio of 1/10. so as you can see in the picture, about 20 seeds, and 200 peers.


For some reason the client is only connecting me to peers that have either less, or the same % completion as me. 16% or less. This raises my question. Why are there hundreds of leechers surpassing my completion, going all the way to 100% and disappearing, and I am stuck here for 2 weeks receiving not 1 single bit of additional data. I am basically a seeder for 16% of the torrent for the last 2 weeks.

Does anyone know why I am not being connected to anyone with more of the torrent than I have?


Eagerly awaiting your thoughts, thanks.



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