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Can't download some torrents


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I have quite a strange problem.  Whenever I try to download a torrent from TPB, etc, it shows "Finding peers" DHT - waiting for announce... and all trackers show "connection timed out". BUT, I have other devices on the same router that work just fine whether via wifi or LAN. Also I CAN download torrents from my home country on this same PC from specific website, although I'm not sure if other websites would work, because I haven't tried, but this problem seems specific for all other torrents except for the ones from this website, or my home country. This problem only started after upgrading from Win7 to Win10. My PC is quite old, to be fair. Could it be some kind of issue with LAN card drivers?

I actually managed to download some torrents with another popular torrent application, but it soon stopped working as well...


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