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How to limit upload rate (Apply rate limit to uTP connections disabled)


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As the title says. How to limit uTorrent upload speed while "Apply rate limit to uTP connections" is unchecked?

Mini Q/A

1. What is your speed?

A. 100Mbps with 50GB/month datacap. PPPoE.

2. What is your uTorrent version?

A. Latest one

3. Post the screenshots of your settings!

A. Its default settings from fresh uTorrent install.  Please see answer 4.

4. Why did you disabled "Apply rate limit to uTP connections"

A. First of all, I know that members/moderators "don't like" people with this option disabled. But please hear me.

I've literally tried every combination of settings. With this option checked, i simply get slow speed.

It will stay like 5-25KB for a 10-20 minutes, sometimes goes to 50-150KBps and gets back to 5KB/ etc.

I've tried ton of guides from this forum, google, etc. I've tried factory settings. I've tried settings recommended by utorrent's own "Setup Guide".

I've tried all above with complete reinstall including deleteing utorrent leftovers from appdata/locations/etc.

So one day, i found someone (i think its from this forum) suggested to uncheck Apply rate limit to uTP connections. So i've unchecked it and pressed "OK" button while i was downloading something. BAMMM! Torrent that was downloading between 50-100KB/s instantly jumped to 1MB > 3MB > 7 MB > 10MB and it stayed at 9.7-10MB (which is the DL speed i paid for).

And of course upload speed also became great which is a problem for someone with 50GB/month data cap.


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