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utorrent rechecks pending download files after restart


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Whenever i restart my pc while utorrent is on, or even pressing "exit" on utorrent icon in tray menu, even thought i do not download anything but seeding the file instead it starts to recheck "enabled" torrents every god damn time!

Now you would say, -There is no such bug, just turn on the bt.graceful_shutdown option. I checked twice to confirm you that the option is set to True and utorrent still does it!

How can i prevent this? i have 40gb+ files enabled for seeding and they are being rechecked on every start, thus slowing down my pc


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7 hours ago, DreadWingKnight said:

Whatever you have going on, you have something preventing uTorrent from properly writing its resume file.

What antivirus and firewall?

Hi, im using ESET internet security which has built-in firewall protection. Currently im using Windows 10 but the same bug was happening even on my previous windows 7 ( still using the same antivirus software )

eset does not give any issue notification on utorrent.

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