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[Toolbar] Pinstripe


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Assembled from Kevin Gerich and Stephen Horlander's Pinstripe, the default Firefox theme under Mac OS, as of Firefox 1.5.x.


(click picture to download)

Edit1: For the Start button, replaced the green Reload icon with the Forward icon.

Here's what it looked like before:


The UI artwork was just released under the Mozilla tri-license. According to Kevin's understanding, this means you can do whatever with it, as long as you publish your changes under one of the three licenses.

I suppose I'll go with the LGPL, which to my understanding is the least restrictive. Not too sure what publishing my changes entails, though.

Most of my changes were just resizing and sharpening. For Start and Pause I adjusted the hue of the Reload icon. For Add from URL, I copied over the little plus orb from the Add from Folder icon. The Move Up/Down arrows came from the Increase/Decrease Text Size icons.

I think that's about it. I also have the GIMP .xcf file, if anyone wants it.

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Glad you like it :)

The problem with the Go icon is it's smaller than the Reload and Stop icons. It's also gray. Maybe with some modifications...

The arrow size might be a personal preference thing. I used small ones because the buttons never seem to do anything when I press them :P

Here's how the toolbar looks with your suggestions, btw:


If you want, you can use it as your toolbar by converting the image to .bmp with AlphaConv.

Hmm, I just had another idea... as long as I'm using the dinky arrows for Up/Down, I can use Forward for Start. That might work better than the green Reload...


I like it :D I think I'll go with that... *prepares to update*

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Even thought I made a small mistake with the remove icon,

this is how I think the toolbar should be like.

I made the add url torrent icon and remove icon lighter so they look better with the rest of toolbar and I also used big arrows for both play icon and up & down icons


What I personally still don't like is that the magnify glass is so small :P

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What I personally still don't like is that the magnify glass is so small :P

It's not so bad since it's on the far right, away from the other icons. But as it so happens, the package also came with a bigger magnifying glass icon for the Help Search :P


(I also took a shot at fixing Remove, and bumped the Down arrow upward by a pixel; My bad for not lining it up right in the first place.)

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