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How to migrate from 3.3 to 3.5 and new computer


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I have 3.3 running headless on my Windows Home Server that's been running since it was released. I now have a new server (Windows 2016) and am migrating everything over to it. Questions:


1. If I install latest 3.5 on 2016, can I simply copy the uTorrent configuration directory over from WHS (Windows 2003)? Are they compatible? I see slightly different options in the configuration screen and don't want to clobber a new config with an incompatible older one.

2. Since it's headless, I never use the actual UI, only WebUI. I heard 3.5 has a lot of ads and other bloat that I would never see, but are there any other reasons to avoid 3.5? Any reason to go ahead with 3.5 vs 3.3?



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Thanks, but that's for migrating torrents over from a different torrent client to uTorrent. I don't have any active torrents that need to be migrated. My main concern is my uTorrent configuration and my RSS feeds configurations. I know that if I were to install the same version as I have now on a new computer, it's a simple as copying/moving the uTorrent config directory. But my question is about upgrading from an older version of uTorrent (3.3 specifically) to a newer one on a different computer, and whether the configuration directory is compatible between old and new.

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