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Computer running very, very slow even after shutting uTorrent down.


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I hope someone can help me with this one.

After running uTorrent for a few days non-stop, my PC is now operating at a snail's pace. Even after shutting down uTorrent and rebooting, everything on my computer is running sooooooooooo slow. I don't mind the CPU usage while the application is running - in fact, I expect it. But now that it's shut down, why does my computer hate me so much?

If it helps to know, I have:

uTorrent 1.6

Windows XP Home (SP1)

Mcafee Personal Firewall

BitDefender Antivirus

15" CRT display :)


Larry Parker

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Thanks for the replies.

But Man Oh Man Oh Man. Mcafee has been such a nice working firewall for me. Now if I have to go out and spend more money on a new firewall, it kind of defeats the purpose of downloading torrents in the first place. So this is what being stuck between a rock and a hard place must feel like. UGH!

Do you know of any firewalls specifically that will work well with uTorrent?

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