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Self tweak feature


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I'm going to pitch this idea as a concept, I'll leave the implementation details to the devs :-)

A large number of users are always complaining about their speeds. When they get past the firewall configuration of ports (which accounts for a huge number of speed problems) they want to tweak their client to make use of everything their system can handle. Currently I think it is very hard for the average user to find a combination of settings that is best for his particular system.

The idea is for uTorrent to have a "learning mode" or maybe a permanent "auto tweak mode" where it would sense it's current performance and self tweak itself until peak performance is reached. The settings involved are all those that affect speed (max concurrent connections, max upload speed, max download speed, number of slots per torrent, any others...).

BitComet mentions "Intelligent Connection Optimize" and "Intelligent Rate Control" and Azureus has an "Upload Shaper" and "Auto Speed" plugins. I think they are on the right track and would expect something from uTorrent that would be even more effective.

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