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Months of full speed downloads THEN since yesterday all torrents at a crawl.


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Dear uTorrent and Users,


Your program has been wonderful; I have used it for months and been able to move files between friends, work and use it for entertainment. I really appreciate it!!

As of yesterday though, I got home, restarted my computer, and found that the torrents I had went from 1.0mb/s downloads to 20/30kbs each. And stayed there.


Something is happening and its kind of scary. My network utilization is at max, but I'm only getting a fraction of the download to the file.

What I'm saying is that my entire bandwith is getting used (1.5mbs), but only 20kbs is reaching the 3 or 4 files. I have seen this issue before in past patches AND I have noticed many many previous posts from users, however, no matter how many settings I change, nothing is improving. I CANT EVEN SEED. I have over 100 files that I can seed and only two or three are seeding.


What's going on here? I even called the ISP and they made it clear to me that they don't throttle bandwith.


More information here:

1) These torrents come from large sources with lots of traffic, yet I can't download more than 9kbs to 40kbs.

2) There are definitely enough seeders.

3) This issue only started to happen last night and has continued despite reseting the computer, reinstalling utorrent, trying an older version, checking settings and changing settings, and redownloading torrents.

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ISP throttle is what is going on. You really think the ISP will tell you they throttle your internet because you used torrent? No, they won't they installed software to do it automatically so they can claim they aren't doing it but the software is doing it for them.

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