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Wireless routers that work well with uTorrent? recommendations please.


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I thought I would ask here since people obviously use bittorrent a lot.

I'm planning on getting a wireless router and I really need some recommendations on what will be the best ones to use with HEAVY uTorrent traffic.

I've been looking at these so far:




Does anyone have an experience with any of these Linksys? Or any other recommendations?

I really want to be careful of what I buy. I don't want to purchase something that is gonna crash constantly due to high traffic.

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Thanks. This is the one that I was really leaning towards... I ordered this last night.

But can anyone help me find a place where I can buy the wireless network adapter for it? I can't seem to find it anywhere on newegg as well as tigerdirect, amazon, and zipzoomfly. :(. Unless I didn't look very well.

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