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incomplete parts are actually complete


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Sometimes I have a multi-part torrent in which some files are missing.  Typically a movie with JPGs.

Even though I KNOW the movie file is complete, It shows up as only being about 99% complete because the jpgs are missing.  

It is as if the headers of the individual parts have overlapping headers. 

I realize that without all the parts complete, the full torrent will not show up as complete, but the individual movie file contained in the torrent is showing up as being incomplete when I know it is complete.  


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Some media players (e.g. VLC) can play incomplete files.

A lot of movies have a few seconds of blackness even after the credits have finished. If that 1% represented that portion, you wound never know it was "incomplete".

That aside: Under the Info tab, does the Downloaded: bar have a visible notch out of it? Although depending on the torrent's Piece size, you might not be able to tell that anything was missing even at 99% completeness.

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